Job List

The following positions, due to their sensitive nature, must be filled by board members.

Equipment Chairman and Purchasing Agent

All Year (20+ hours)

  • Responsible for filling equipment bags
  • Keeps up to date on inventory
  • Gets quotes and orders new equipment
  • Ensures we have enough stock in the equipment room
  • Responsible for handing out and receiving equipment bags from team managers
  • Available on equipment nights



All Year (Heavy workload)

  • Recommends registration rates to board for approval and sets dates
  • Makes up flyer for distribution to schools in EBBA area
  • Sends out registration info to last year’s players by email
  • Responds to parents queries/emails
  • Contacts newspapers about info on registration dates
  • Inputs all player and coach registrations
  • Recommends if additional registration dates are needed
  • Recommends number of teams per division
  • Receives all money from registration, competitive and uniform deposits
  • Hands in report to treasurer on number of players registered/money received
  • Records all player placement on teams and maintains rosters 


Schedule Director and Park Assignor

February-April (10 hours)

  • Makes up practice schedule for all team
  • Books batting cage
  • Teams will contact the schedule assignor to book extra practice times or to reschedule game


Rec Department Liason

All Year (15 hours)

  • Liaison with the city
  • Books diamonds for the season, tournaments and playoffs
  • Books meeting rooms and gyms for EBBA meetings and events
  • Reports any safety or damage issues of the diamonds to the city


Cash Calendar Director

(5 hours)

  • Get licensing
  • Make suggestions about the amount to be printed and price
  • Have calendars printed
  • Handout calendars
  • Organize collection of calendars and money
  • Draw winners and notify treasurer to mail out cheques
  • Write up year end report for municipality


Election Chairman / Membership Chairman

August-September (4 hours)

  • Sets date for election meeting
  • Finds/books location
  • Sends out information to all members concerning the Annual General Meeting
  • Writes up an agenda
  • Ensures a list is made up of all members


Website Director

All Year (10 hours?)

  • Ensure website is kept up to date
  • Post articles at request of board members, coaches, etc.


Website Administrator

All Year (10 hours)

  • Administer website, documents and calendars
  • Add new users, delete old


Colman Day Conveners

May-July (10+ hours)

  • Set date to have Colman Day (book with scheduler)
  • Find door prizes (work with Sponsorship Chair)
  • Select (with Conveners help) the Managers and Coaches for the day
  • Determine how many players from each team and how they are to be selected
  • Determine if you will be giving anything out to the players
  • Make up program for the day and take to printers
  • Ensure you have enough volunteers for the day
  • Make up report for Treasurer


Communication and Publicity Director

All year (10 hours)

  • Provide timely information emails to all parents regarding league activities and functions
  • Notify press regarding league functions


Police Checks

January-May (3 hours)

  • Ensure returning coaches have signed ‘status quo’ declaration
  • Ensure new coaches complete police check
  • Submits paperwork to police for verification and pick-up when complete

The following positions may be filled by members of EBBA

Little Sluggers Director

January-July (Jan-April 2 hrs week, May-July 4 hrs week)

  • Confirm Little Sluggers uniforms are ordered 
  • Attend board meetings March-July 
  • Plan and organize program details
  • Field parent questions and/or concerns
  • Find volunteers to help each week
  • Organize equipment
  • Set up/break down each week
  • Run weekly program (manage kids and volunteers)


T-Ball Director

February-July (Jan-April 4 hours week, May-July 6 hours week)

  • Ensure T-Ball (and Little Slugger) uniforms are ordered through Tim Horton’s
  • Organize the T-Ball program format, set dates, etc
  • Field emails from parents
  • Select (recruit) coaches and volunteers
  • Organize equipment
  • Run weekly program
  • Order awards and Rally Caps


House League Conveners

April-end of season (varies-20+hours)

  • 1st line of contact with teams in their division
  • Keeps standings on Website
  • responds to parents inquiries/emails
  • Tries to resolve any problems before contacting President
  • Attends (or has board members attending) all playoff games
  • Sets up the schedule for playoffs and sends to teams (if LDBA convener)
  • Ensures there are bases, volunteers and game balls for all games
  • Ensures the Awards Director (or LDBA) has the awards ordered
    • Rookie – 
    • Mosquito – 
    • Pee Wee – 
    • Bantam – 
    • Midget/Junior – 


House League Chairman

January–April (6 hours)

  • Finds Managers/Coaches for all teams and brings to the board for approval
  • Sets up meeting for all house league divisions


Batting Cage Director

April-End of season (6 hours)

  • Assembles and dismantles batting cage
  • Maintains cage (remove weeds, work on batters box, etc.)


Draft Day Director

April-May (10 hours)

  • Oversees evaluations
  • Sets date and location for draft
  • Oversees all aspects of the draft


Coach's Technical Advisor

All Year (20 hours - 5 hrs prep and meeting, the rest assisting at practices)

  • Set standardized practice routines and drills
  • Be available to assist all division coaches
  • Provide assistance at practices on request



All year

  • Organize Coaching clinics
  • Organize Pitching clinics
  • Help out coaches with questions or problems


Volunteer Appreciation Event

July-September (4 hours)

  • Sets date and location of event
  • Makes all arrangements necessary for event


Sponsorship Chairman

November-April (10+ hours)

  • Responsible to send out letter before Christmas to last year’s sponsors
  • Finds new sponsors and donations (For incentives and Colman Day)
  • Sends out tax receipts and plaques to all sponsors at the end of the season
  • Ensures money is received from all sponsors
  • Hand in report to Treasurer with Sponsors names and money received



April-August (5+ hours)

  • Presents different fundraising possibilities to board
  • Ensures players receive fundraising info
  • Oversees collection and distribution of fundraising items and money


Team Building Day / Picture Day Director

May-June (12 hours)

  • Set day for event
  • Make up newsletter to be handed out to players
  • Make up schedule for teams to have pictures taken
  • Follow up with managers so they know the procedure for that day
  • Determine what incentives you would like to use and present to board for approval
  • Hand in report to treasurer
  • Contact photographer
  • Ensure all teams receive their pictures


Graphics (Handbook) Director


  • Ensures all info is received and entered in the Manual
  • Ensures file is loaded onto web site
  • Ensures file is given to Communications Director to be emailed to all parents



May–End of season (see below)

  • Creates shopping list/ Purchases Food / Ice / Inventory (including driving; shopping; packing van; packing coolers; setting up site etc) ~ 6 hours for each event - couple hours each day (ie. Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Prep Food and Money if required (ie. go to the bank; cut onions; fill ketchup bottles etc)  ~ 2 - 3 hours for each event
  • Logistics required for every event (ie. contacting volunteers; bbq scheduling; truck and trailer scheduling; worrying) ~1-2 hours
  • Packing up the site / putting food away / inventory / cleaning utensils / site clean up ~ 2 - 3 hours for each event
  • Counting Money, updating spreadsheet, clearing receipts ~ 1 hour
  • Year End Report / Final Tally of Inventory / Final Tally of Money ~ 1 hour


First Aid Kits

January-February (7 hours)

  • Go through all first aid kits and get ready to hand out
  • Order supplies as needed


Colman Day Assistant


  • Assists the Colman Day Director with planning and all other areas of Colman Day


Uniform Director

March-April, August (15 hours)

  • Informs purchasing agent of uniform status and needs
  • Ensures all competitive uniforms are ready to hand out
  • Organizes uniform room
  • Sets uniform hand-out and return dates
  • Collects deposit checks, holds them, and returns them when uniforms are returned


Grant Application Director

Year round (hours dependant on number of grants applied for)

  • Presents possible grant avenues to board
  • Completes grant applications and follows through with all information necessary


House League Tournament Director


  • Organizes house league tournaments setting dates and divisions
  • Contact person for prospective teams
  • Supervises games


Umpire In Chief

All Year

  • Sets up umpire clinics
  • Handout and collect back umpires equipment
  • Orders any new umpire equipment
  • Recruits new umps
  • Make recommendations of any umps advancing to a higher level
  • Go to games and evaluate how umps are performing
  • Ensures all umps have information on dress code
  • Recommend how many umps needed (from registration numbers)

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