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Diamond Schedules

To book new game times (ie. rainouts) and more practice times, please contact Wayne Bilger

Click Here to view Diamond Schedule (Mornington Park 9u-13u)

Click Here to view LDBA Parks Schedule (City Wide 15u-22u)


Coaches & Managers

Approval Process for Coaches and Managers

  • EBBA requires all managers/head coaches to attend an orientation interview, and submit to a police check at the beginning of each season. The police checks will be paid for by EBBA.
  • Assistant coaches must fill out a coaches application and be approved by the league, before they can  be on the field. 

If you have any questions, please contact

For question about competitive baseball, contact the London Talons at or on their website at

Coaches/Managers Application

These applications are for house league only, to apply for competitive, please go to
Click here to fill out an application online.

All new Coaches or Coaches that have not had a Vulnerable Sector Check done since 2017 will need to have one completed.  You may apply for one online on the London Police website or in person at the London Police Station. 

If you are applying in person please print a copy of the form and fill it out before taking it to the Police Station.  The form can be found on the right hand side of this page.

The cost of the background check with a personalized letter from EBBA will be $15.  Once the background check has been completed and you are cleared, you will then be reimburse.  You may find a copy of the volunteer form to print on the right side of this page. Please add your full name to the form before submitting.

Please note that the London Police are currently quite backed up with their Vulnerable Sector Checks, so the sooner you complete it...the better.  May will be here before we know it.

Anyone who has a Vulnerable Sector Check on file from 2018 or 2019 will be asked to sign an Offense Self Declaration Form stating nothing has changed since then.  You can either print the form located on the right side of this page or fill it out at a Coach's Meeting.

For any questions or to submit your completed forms/background checks please contact Gayle Moore at


Batting Cage Procedures

The following are the procedures for using the batting cage at McMahen Park;

  1. To book the batting cage, contact Wayne Bilger at
  2. Only ONE player at a time is permitted in the cage, and must wear a helmet. Only an ADULT can feed balls into the pitching machine, and must also wear a helmet.
  3. The Team manager is responsible for setting up the cage and for putting it away again, including locking the batting cage, unless there is another Team Manager present who will be using it next. Please check that you have collected all the balls.

Duties Of The Manager

  1. The Manager and his/her coaching staff must receive the approval of the Board of Directors PRIOR to serving in their capacity.
  2. Managers are responsible for the conduct, attitude and appearance of the coaching staff and players throughout the entire season.
  3. Team uniforms shall be issued to the Manager, who must ensure that only players whose names appear on the final roster receive a complete uniform.
  4. Association issued equipment shall remain in the possession of the Manager, or Coach, and shall not at any time be taken away from a game or practice by any other persons.
  5. The Home Team Manager must supply the game card and present it to the plate Umpire prior to the start of the game. Both Managers will fill in the line up card. All players on a team roster must be listed including players not playing (noted absent, injured, suspended, etc.) The Home Team's Manager retains the Game Card after the game and he/she shall call in the score to the Division Convener within 24 hours. The game card is to be forwarded to the EBBA office as soon as possible.

    PLEASE NOTE: Points can be denied to any team that does not submit the game cards.
  6. The Manager is responsible for compliance of an Umpire's orders to eject any player or Coach, and must understand that every ejection may result in further suspension as determined by the Division Convener in consultation with the Board of Directors.
  7. Only the Manager and his/her designated Coach(es) shall be permitted to consult with an Umpire in regard to any Umpire decision. Remember, some Umpires, particularly those working the younger age groups will be first or second year Umpires. Give them a chance to gain experience. Do not harass them.
  8. All players not actively participating in the game shall remain on the bench at all times. However, players have the right to warm up the inning in advance of their entry into the game.
  9. Managers and coaches must wear league issued shirts and hats. Baseball pants are not required, but presentable solid colored slacks or dress shorts are required, NO CUT-OFFS.
  10. The Manager must immediately report any accidents or injuries to the Convener for insurance purposes. All injuries or accidents must be recorded on the back of the Game Card. 
  11. In the absence of the Manager, a designated and approved Coach may assume his/her responsibilities. In his/her absence, the Manager is still responsible for their actions.
  12. All Managers are representatives of the Association and are responsible for following and upholding the rules and regulations and for pursuing the goals and objectives EBBA. Those goals include: sportsmanship, fair play, respect for the officials and Fair treatment of ALL players. Managers and coaches are required to direct their players and solicit help, where possible, from the parents in all of the EBBA fund raising activities.




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